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Our 10 most asked questions

These seem to be the questions most people ask. If you have a question that isn't clear, please give us a call, we'll be happy to help.

Can employees punch from home?
Not if you don't want them to. We have 3 sophisticated methods to prevent this. IP, Cookie and Caller ID login security. By default an employee can punch from anywhere, but with a simple setup, employees are blocked from unauthorized locations.

How do employees punch time on the web?
Employees login from Labor Time Tracker, enter their username & password, then simply click the button. If you want to track department transfers (for job costing), employees select a department from a drop down box before their IN punch.

How do employees punch time with a telephone?
Employees simply dial a special 800 number, then enter their home department ID and employee PIN number. If you allow employees to transfer departments, then can enter a different department ID before their IN punch.

Can employees edit their time on the Web?
No. Employees may only punch the IN (our OUT) button. They cannot edit their time. By default, employees are allowed to click the 'My Timecard' link to view their timecard. However you may prevent the employee from viewing it entirely.

We have multiple businesses, can we track them with one account?
Yes. Our unique group feature allows you to create subaccounts. Each group has its own set of employees, supervisors and time clock rules.

Our employees punch out for lunch, can your system do this?
Yes, employees may punch IN/OUT as many times as needed during the day. It simply creates a new 'punch pair' row on the timecard.

We have 24 hour shifts, can your system do this?
Yes, employees may punch IN (or OUT) anytime day or night. If your employees work through midnight, the system will recognize it as a single shift.

Can supervisors also punch time?
Yes, however they will need to have two login accounts. One as a supervisor (at no charge) and the other as an employee.

Can a supervisor view timecards but not edit them?
Yes, there are four levels of supervisors: single department view only, single department view/edit, all departments view only, and all departments view/edit.

Can do you handle Paid Time Off or PTO?
Yes, we have created 4 categories vacation (vac), holiday (hol), sick (sic) and other (oth) to track. If you only track PTO, then we recommed you use the other (oth) for the benefit hours.