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Phone Guide

How to punch using the phone

Listen to Demo Phone Punch

Sometimes the web is not always available to punch IN or OUT. Employees can use the phone instead. Below is the 5 easy step punch with the phone.

Setup - Obtain employee PIN, Department ID and Toll Free Number
The clock administrator needs to login LaborTimeTracker and assign each employee a PIN. This is done by going to [Employee] tab and then selecting the specific employee. Assign the employee a PIN. Share the employee PIN, Department ID and Toll Free number (in yellow background section of form) with the employee.

Employee is ready to Phone System - Its Fast and Simple

1. Employee calls our toll free number
Employee calls toll free number. Make sure to wait for the prompts on the phone system to ensure accurate input.

2. Key in Department ID

Employee waits for prompt, then keys in his 4 to 6 digit department ID followed by the pound sign (#). Three attempts are made to validate input, otherwise the system will hang up.

3. Key Employee PIN

Employee waits for prompt, then keys in his 4 digit employee PIN. When completed, the system will authenticate the employee and attempt to punch the clock. If authentication fails, employee start process over for a total of 3 attempts. When completed the system hangs up.

4. IN or OUT Punch Date and Time is stated.
If authentication is successful, then system reply's with an IN or OUT punch status with the date and time. When completed the system hangs up.

5. Your Done. Hang up and get to work
The punch will be immediately viewable on the labor time tracker portal. Furthermore you can see the IN/OUT status of all your employees.

Optional Security
The Clock Administrator can enable Phone Punch Security with a simple button in the Employee profile. Once enabled, a list of approved Caller IDs is managed in the group security section of application. To Access, go to [Groups] tab and select the [security] link for the relevant group and start managing the Caller IDs.