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Eliminate Client Billing Delays

Our time and attendance system is totally optimized for your needs. We support client approval, job costing, multi site, multi time zone and web and phone punching. The overtime feature ensures that your labor time is being calculated correctly and that your organization is compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Weather you need an enterprise health care time tracking or a simple health care punch clock we can support your needs. Below are additional benefits to our system.

Benefits to the organization include:

  • High Return On Investment [calculate]
  • Improved efficiencies in cash flow
  • Client Approval Process
  • Improved workforce productivity
  • Labor Time Tracker for Human Resource / Staffing enables you to:

  • Ensure workers are onsite
  • Eliminate manual processing of timecards/timesheets
  • Cost-effectively manage and optimize time and labor resources
  • Provide management with real-time attendance information
  • Provide management with real-time and historical reports
  • Integrates with your your accounting and payroll systems
    HR Staffing using Labor Time TrackerHR Staffing using Labor Time TrackerHR Staffing using Labor Time Tracker